Yanell began dressing the girls in her imagination at the age 12 when she first picked up a pencil to sketch her first fashion form. The dolls of her adolescences played as her first subjects, their poise, pretty and picture perfect nature formed her perception of femininity. Yanell and her family relocated to a small town in Massachusetts after migrating from Dominican Republic where she found herself setting her own rules through her personal style. Always inspired by the classic extravagance of special occasions, she’d made it her personal mission to always dress the part, even if it was in honor of an errand. Early on, she’d create skirts to match tops and jewelry she’d recycle from her closet to solidify her individuality. After mastering the art of contrast, it was fate. She molded her style around fearless options and unapologetic results.

In a self-taught fashion, Yanell designed her first collection creating a true figment of her imagination. Using multi dimensional florals, her signature gathered mini’s, electric colors and dramatic silhouettes, her final product exhibited her unapologetic character perfectly. No color story or family of fabrics, no. just like her attitude towards fashion. Like her mythical mentor, Coco Chanel, Galva seeks to defy the standards of the modern women by throwing the norm to the side and embracing the bolder side to things. Though dressing her subjects in her depiction of style and grace, she celebrates the natural fabulosity and edge factor of the woman, no matter the shape and size they come. After all, we’re all one of a kind.

Yanell wears the subject of her environment as her prime forefront. Raised in a single parent household and being the eldest of three, she mastered the art of making things come together beautifully. She grabs inspiration from whatever she’s engulfed in, be it a wilderness excursion or a Saturday night outing. In the future, she dreams of healing women further than just their closets by hosting home ec - style courses for battered women that are shelter bound due to domestic violence. Her ultimate goal is to celebrate the essence of a woman through creating garments designed with their fiercest spirit in mind.

                                                                              “When edge meets the graceful light of mod”


Yanell Galva Collection is a clothing brand with a lot of edge and sweetness in one. This clothing brand brings out a versatile aspects as a whole. It projects different styles, from hipster to classical looks. Yanell Galva's Collection inspiration thrives off of natures natural beauty, as well as music. 

Colors and prints are a signature principal to the clothing line. The Ready-to-wear collection is for the average american as it can be for the upper scale when it comes to gown. Variance and verge is what puts this line together in a unique way and wearable to the fashion industry. 


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